2014 Golden Globe Winners

By: Elsa Buehler

This year’s Golden Globe Awards proved highly eventful, as per usual, thanks to hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. After a few traditional, insulting and slightly inappropriate jokes aimed at their peers, the dynamic duo gave up the spotlight and the show began. A few highlights included Benedict Cumberbatch accompanying his fiancee, Benedict Cumberbatch presenting, a returning Benedict Cumberbatch photobomb,… okay, maybe I’m biased, but there’s no denying he stole the show.

Cumberbatch photobomb stream_img

Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake/Golden Globe Awards


Anyway, here’s a recap of the Golden Globe Winners from that night:

Best Drama: Boyhood

boyhood 7511_poster_iphone

Best Comedy: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Director: Richard Linklater, Boyhood

Richard Linklater

Best Actress in a Drama: Julianne Moore, Still Alice


Best Actor in a Drama: Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything

eddie redmayne theory of everything

Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy: Michael Keaton, Birdman


Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy: Amy Adams, Big Eyes


Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

Patricia Arquette

Best Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons, Whiplash


Best Screenplay: Alejandro González Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, and Armando Bo, Birdman


Best Foreign Language Film: Leviathan, Russia


Best Animated Feature: How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Best Original Song: “Glory” from Selma. Music and lyrics by John Legend and Common.


Best Score: The Theory of Everything

theory of everything

Best TV Comedy or Musical: Orange Is the New Black

orange is the new black

Best TV Drama: The Affair


Best Actress in a TV Drama: Ruth Wilson, The Affair

The affair 1

Best Actor in a TV Drama: Kevin Spacey, House of Cards


Best Actress in a TV Comedy: Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin


Best Actor in a TV Comedy: Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent

jeffrey tambor

Best Miniseries or TV Movie: Fargo


Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie: Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Honorable Woman


Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie: Billy Bob Thornton, Fargo

FARGO - Pictured: Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo. CR: Chris Large/FX

Best Supporting Actress in a TV Show, Miniseries or TV Movie: Joanne Froggatt, Downton Abbey

Joanne Froggatt Downton Abbey

Best Supporting Actor in a TV Show, Miniseries or TV Movie: Matt Bomer, The Normal Heart


Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees!


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